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Biomedical plasma, fully realized.

Plasma (not to be confused with blood plasma) is the lesser known of the four fundamental states of matter along with solids, liquids, and gasses. It is an ionized gas that you can find in plasma TV displays, neon lights, and lightning. Our technology is a type of nonthermal (cold) plasma that is cool enough to contact the skin, endowed with vast utility. Nonthermal plasma consists of various charged particles and is characterized by its unique physical and chemical properties, most prominently, its ability to produce reactive species, such as free radicals and excited atoms that can interact with various materials, surfaces, and biological systems, leading to numerous applications in fields such as medicine, biotechnology, materials science, and environmental remediation. 

Energy efficiency

Nonthermal plasma systems operate at lower temperatures than conventional processes, resulting in reduced energy consumption and cost savings.

Scalability & versatility

Nonthermal plasma technology can be adapted to various sizes and configurations, making it suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.

Green & sustainable

Nonthermal plasma technology offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical-based processes, reducing reliance on harmful chemicals, minimizing waste generation, and supporting sustainable practices.

Innovative technology

PDEB™ technology deploys a column of nonthermal plasma to deliver a focused beam of electrons and pure NO on demand – an innovative benchmark that presents a viable therapeutic option to noninvasively treat biotic and abiotic surfaces.


PDEB™ Handheld Device

PDEB™ technology is the basis of a hand-held device that directs an optimized beam to destroy pathogens without harming human epithelial cells. It is equipped with quick-change nozzles, adaptable to accommodate the geometry of various wound or surgical sites.

PDEB™ NO Generator

NO generators have recently emerged as a viable alternative to costly and unstable cylinders. Plasma Futures is developing a tunable device that can selectively produce NO under ambient conditions via PDEB™. Our proprietary technology uses a laminar column of plasma that guides an electromagnetic wave to generate scalable levels of NO on-demand and in an eco-friendly manner without the need of high-turnover consumables.

Game-changing applications.

PDEB™ is a nonthermal plasma technology that offers unique characteristics and versatile applications. It provides an efficient and more sustainable means of generating reactive species for diverse fields, ranging from medicine, and biotechnology to materials science and process chemistry. Plasma Futures is taking this technology from the benchtop to the market for use in medical, dental, veterinary, industrial, scientific and agriculture fields.


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Gary Baron
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Adrianne Blocklin
Project Manager

Joseph A. Bauer, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultant

Working with Plasma Futures, I have observed the power of a collaborative approach in action. Their nonthermal plasma technology has incredible potential to transform various industries, from healthcare to agriculture. The team’s dedication to nurturing a more sustainable and inclusive future is noteworthy, echoing our goal at Walsh University to provide our students with real world experiences to apply their learning and help them to become leaders in service to others.

Dr. Daniel J. Passerini

Executive Director of Cross-Enterprise Operations, Walsh University


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